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    Greetings from our CEO

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Coaches Transforming Teaching


"Emily's personable, professional, and positive approach made it easy for me to trust her, share my challenges, and collaborate with her on doable solutions."

One to One Institute is pleased to offer a new course, in conjunction with the Teacher Development Network.  We're offering an eight month professional learning experience for instructional technology coaches in one-to-one schools tied to the Project RED Key Implementation Factors (KIFs) for successful one-to-one initiatives.  Whether you're new to coaching, new to one to one, or just want to build your professional skills with a group of like-minded colleagues, this is the program for you! Apply now! 

What's exciting about our program? It's designed specifically for coaches in one-to-one schools. Every participant will be working in a school in which each student has a personal learning device. In addition, Emily Davis, Ph.D., is one of the foremost experts on coaching for transformation. Emily is including a copy of her groundbreaking book, Tech Request, for every participant, a resource you'll be sure to return to again and again throughout your career.

A focus on coaching skills, not technology skills. You're already the tech expert--now learn how to coach your colleagues in ways that help them transform teaching and learning in their classrooms. The focus on Project RED KIFs ensures that your work will have impact.

The cohort approach. Not only will you build your skills learning from Emily Davis, Ph.D., but you'll connect professionally with a maximum of 25 like-minded coaches from other 1:1 schools across the country. The diversity of experience and school settings will power up your learning.

Direct and actionable learning. Every assignment or activity will have you practicing your newly acquired skills at your school. We will tie activities to the cycle of the school year so that learning is cemented in practice immediately.

Personalization. Each month, you'll have a one-on-one conversation with your coach focused solely on you and your work

Organization. Every month includes a one-hour live session (always available via recording afterwards) at 12pm EST on the second Thursday of the month. Topics addressed are listed below. After each live class, participants receive action assignments (not homework!) based on that month's topic. Personal coaching sessions follow up on the topics addressed and small-group activities provide reflection opportunities (and peer-accountability!) for participants.

Cost: $2,000 for each participant. Includes all materials, a copy of Tech Request (see below), individual coaching, monthly live classes (recordings available) and PLC participation. Certificates of completion will document 20 hours for CEU purposes. 



Emily Davis, Ph.D., is an expert on the development of high quality induction and coaching programs for both new and experienced teachers. After research and leadership roles at Stanford, New Teacher Center, and the Santa Cruz/Silicon Valley New Teacher Project, she is now the co-founder of the Teacher Development Network which helps districts and states leverage the power of preservice and inservice mentoring to improve recruitment, teaching, and learning. Follow Emily @mentorEmily.  

TechRequestCover Each participant will receive a copy of Emily's book, TECH REQUEST. In this book, Emily and her co-author, Brad Currie draw on their extensive experience in coaching and instructional technology to provide concrete, research-based strategies to help coaches in their day-to-day role. They offer practical insights on coaching in a variety of settings, including in groups and one-to-one. Coaches are sure to find the resources they need to overcome challenges and grow their coaching skills.

Topics Include:

  • Building your coaching knowledge and skills
  • Balancing tech support and tech inspiration
  • Coaching across disciplines
  • Using data to understand and explain impact
  • Developing a personal vision for effective EdTech in your school
  • Facilitating teams/groups of adult learners
  • Defining and navigating your role in a complex environment
  • Becoming your school’s futurist
  • Assessing professional learning needs
  • Working with frameworks and standards
  • Technology selection process
  • Contributing to effective budgeting
  • Leading second order change
  • Developing and sharing a strategic plan for the year
  • Aligning coaching practices to desired student outcomes

 Contact us to learn more!

Innovative Financial Solutions

One of the greatest challenges when implementing a 1:1 computing program is finding the funds to sustain the program over the long-term. We know from our experience with hundreds of 1:1 program implementions that these programs are not sustainable unless the district allocates ongoing operating funds to the project.

OTO can help you find these funds. We provide expert analysis of current district expenditures and make recommendation that can lead to cost savings and the ability to redeploy assets to fund your program.

Collaboration, communication, confidentiality and productive relationships are the hallmarks of this work. After carefully defining the desired outcomes with key district leaders, we assess the political landscape, individual's needs and the qualities unique to the organization's situation. We collect district data and conduct in-depth, private interviews with the individuals responsible for key areas of operation. Once the appropriate data has been collected and analyzed, we work closely with client districts to finalize our recommendations.

To discuss your specific needs, contact the One-to-One Institute today.

Other Customized Solutions

OTO often customizes solutions to meet an organization’s needs. Below are a few examples of solution specific professional learning experiences that we have created for partner organizations.

OTO 1:1 Leadership Summit

This two-day, intensive, experiential summit brings together up to 10 districts, up to 60 participants, consisting of the district’s key leadership, decision-making team – superintendents, assistant superintendents of curriculum, business, operations, CIO, etc. The OTO team drills down into each of the Project RED Key Implementation Factors while facilitating each district’s team development of vision, tactical and project plans.

To discuss your specific needs, contact the One-to-One Institute today.

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Chromebook Academy

Learn how to use Chromebook and Google Apps technologies as tools to transform learning and instruction. Available in 3 levels from beginners, intermediate, to advanced users, these workshops build understanding of technology’s critical role in today’s classroom.

Beginners: Chromebook Basics 1 day
Intermediate: Chromebook for Intermediate Users 1 day
Advanced: HP Chromebook Academy 4 days

What Participants learn:

  • A comprehensive approach to the Chromebook operations and functionality
  • Basic to advanced Google™ Apps
  • How to instruct and model the integration of Google applications into project-based learning and classroom practice (based on 21st Century Learning Design); learn how to integrate Google Docs, Calendar, Picasa, YouTube videos
  • How to create interactive dynamic projects
  • How to address Common Core State Standards or specific academic standards for individual states/districts
  • How to create projects with Google Docs that can be used immediately in the classroom

To discuss your specific needs, contact the One-to-One Institute today.
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Implementation Analysis

Have you or are you getting ready to implement a one-to-one program or digital conversion? One-to-One Institute (OTO) can customize an Implementation Analysis to ensure you are on a successful pathway. OTO has designed tools and consultancies to identify success strategies and gaps to help ensure the district’s productive implementation. The analyses are conducted by One-to-One Institute’s Leadership Consultants, and include a review of the organization’s Implementation Plan, as well as extensive quantitative and qualitative data collected during a visit to the organization. The visit includes tours of any 1:1 pilot (or similar) programs in elementary, middle and high school, as well as focus group interviews with the following staff:

  • Elementary school teachers
  • Middle school teachers
  • High school teachers
  • Elementary principals
  • Middle school principals
  • High school principals
  • District instructional technology and professional learning directors
  • Chief information officer
  • Superintendent

One-to-One Institute’s process and report are aligned to the latest 1:1 implementation research, which includes the Project RED Key Implementation Factors, and One-to-One Institute’s Essential Elements. The analysis that is provided to the organization will provide a description of the current alignment to each of these best practices, and provide recommendations in each category that address gaps in the district’s alignment.

To discuss your specific needs, contact the One-to-One Institute today.
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Data Privacy & Security Workshop

School system leaders, school administrators, and teachers need easy-to-understand, practical answers to a variety of privacy and security-related questions:

  • Why privacy is such a big deal?
  • What are the specific threats to privacy and how can you address them?
  • What are the basics of privacy laws such as FERPA and COPPA?
  • What are the guiding principles that every educator should adopt?
  • What specific steps can school system leaders take to better ensure privacy?

One-to-One Institute offers half-day and full-day workshops that address these questions and provide a variety of web-based resources that help schools address privacy issues. Sessions are intended to be interactive and the content is appropriate for a wide range of attendees. A technology/technical background is not required for attendees.

K-12 schools know the importance of learner privacy and security of student data. If threats to student data privacy and security aren't enough, the Federal and state laws intended to protect student privacy are complex and, sometimes, outdated, which makes compliance very difficult for schools. Don't reinvent the wheel. Learn from the expertise of One-to-One Institute and schedule your Data Privacy and Security workshop today!

To discuss your specific needs, contact the One-to-One Institute today.
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Parent/Caregiver Engagement Workshop

This hands-on workshop will provide participants with the ability to utilize practical strategies to implement effective and research-based parent/caregiver engagement strategies that will alleviate parental/caregiver concerns about technology and improve student learning by involving parents/caregivers. These techniques will enhance parents’/caregivers' understanding of district technology practices and policies. Topics will focus on the research on parent/caregiver engagement, the benefits of involving parents/caregivers with technology innovation, the design of parent/caregiver engagement programs, and methods for using technology to engage parents/caregivers with your digital education programs.

Administrators will leave this workshop with strategies to identify parent concerns and questions through surveys and focus groups, improve parent/caregiver engagement, address parent/caregiver concerns, and communicate about connected learnings.

Participants in the full day workshop will also have a chance to collaborate with the facilitator on the design of tools that are specific to their own schools. In the half day session, participants will begin the process of planning events, and calendars.

To discuss your specific needs, contact the One-to-One Institute today.
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Educator Professional Learning

Customizing Your Solution

We will customize a plan of face-to-face and virtual support and professional learning that meets your needs without breaking your budget.

Face-to-face options

Immersion Experience for Teachers

OTO provides teacher professional learning experiences through OTO's Immersion Training, online support, the facilitation of professional learning communities, and shoulder-to-shoulder coaching. OTO works with district leadership teams to customize these experiences to best meet the needs of their staff. The professional learning includes the basic tools and skills necessary to meet the Common Core and all other standards, create a student-centered learning environment, and to meaningfully integrate technology into instruction. Below is an outline of the components of OTO's professional learning model.

Shoulder-to-Shoulder Coaching

The purpose of the feedback shoulder-to-shoulder session is to provide guidance and ensure fidelity across the district following an Immersion Training. Teachers will schedule a time for the Digital Coach to come to their classroom and observe them. The coach then provides feedback, coaching, and resources for the teacher in a one-on-one debriefing session. This works best when it follows an instructional model introduced during the Immersion Training (i.e. SAMR Model, Inquiry, Common Core, etc.) Each teacher will be required to submit information on what they will be teaching before the Digital Coach arrives.

Train-the-Trainer: Building Internal Capacities

Training district trainers is a key component for building the long-term sustainability of the program. OTO believes it is vital for trainers to have hands-on 1:1 classroom experience. Therefore, the train-the-trainer program usually does not begin until the end of the first year of implementation. As teachers finish their first implementation year, OTO works with the District Leadership Team to identify teachers that are most appropriate for the OTO Train-the-Trainers Program. Once teachers have been selected, OTO provides facilitation training, a comprehensive OTO training manual, and a tremendous amount of other support and resources. In implementation year 2 and 3, OTO Digital Coaches include the trainees in all aspects of the teacher professional development model, as the new district trainers develops their knowledge and skills. OTO continues to support the district trainers as they move from guided practice to complete independence.

Blended Model

Blended Immersion Training Face-to-face Component

In this one day workshop, participants will act as “students” in a model lesson taught by a Digital Coach. Coaches will integrate a variety of Web 2.0 tools into the model lesson. Participants will begin to design and research a question. Consultants will model how to facilitate discussions that help lead students to deeper understanding. Participants will learn search strategies, Web 2.0 tools, and facilitation strategies to manage and help students through the research process.

Blended Immersion Training Virtual Component

A Digital Coach will facilitate a four module asynchronous course. The purpose of the course is to guide participants through the process of building their own unit of study that includes the components of the Face-to-face Immersion Training. Teachers will be required to complete and share assignments, participate in review and conversation regarding the content and products posted by teachers, and to complete a full unit of study as a culminating project.
Note: Principal support and facilitation is required to make this model work. This includes four planning meetings with the principal.

Continued Virtual Teacher Support

Ongoing teacher support is vital to keep participants engaged and moving down the continuum toward personalization of learning for their students. OTO recommends this happen through a partnership with the district. For this to be effective it is essential for the district to create collaborative teacher groups that meet on a regular basis to plan instruction that is 1) standards-based; 2) includes student choice and inquiry; and 3) embeds transformative uses of technology. Through OTO’s continued teacher support, the teachers will have access to an online learning portal with videos, tips and resources for participants to access during the year while they implement their units of study, and the Digital Coach will meet virtually with each collaborative teacher group every 4 times.

Customizing Your Solution

We will customize a plan of face-to-face and virtual support and professional learning that meets your needs without breaking your budget.

To discuss your specific needs, contact the One-to-One Institute today.

Leadership in One to One Schools

OTO offers a One-to-One Implementation ProtocolTM designed to guide the planning and implementation process, as well as the development of leadership and instructional practices that will lead to a successful and sustainable 1:1 program. OTO is the only organization in the world to design a comprehensive approach to 1:1 implementation based on our Project RED research and 7 Implementation Components.

OTO Implementation Protocol

Initial Face-to-face Leadership Session

Virtual Leadership Consulting

Principals Academy

Virtual Principal Mentoring

Initial Face-to-face Leadership Session

OTO facilitates the development and implementation of a sustainable 1:1 program by engaging all key constituents in the following critical success factors:
A vision for the personalization of learning through the seamless integration of content standards, curriculum, instruction, and technology.

  • 2nd order change leadership
  • Strategic planning and action
  • Support and capacity development

The Initial Leadership Session is customized to address the immediate needs of the district.

To discuss your specific needs, contact the One-to-One Institute today.
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Virtual Leadership Consulting

OTO Leadership Consultants continue to support the district leadership team through the entire planning and implementation process. Support consists of:

  • Regularly scheduled conference calls to guide planning, and implementation
  • Consult, as needed, on issues identified by the district
  • Recommend or provide leadership training identified in partnership with the district
  • Guide the development of building level leadership
  • Identify and address any other implementation gaps that may arise

To discuss your specific needs, contact the One-to-One Institute today.
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Principals Academy

The Principal’s Academy is 2-day in-depth professional learning experience focused on 2nd order change leadership. Participants will learn through experiences and insights of other principals, examine their own leadership style and practices, and begin to define action steps in OTO's 7 essential implementation components. The components include:

  • Transformational leadership and second-order change
  • Financial planning, project management, and capacity building
  • Instructional leadership: curriculum and instruction
  • Professional development
  • Hardware, software, and infrastructure needs and choices
  • Communications
  • Assessment and evaluation

The content and length of the course is also customizable to best meet the needs of the district.

To discuss your specific needs, contact the One-to-One Institute today.
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Virtual Principal Mentoring

OTO's co-authored research, Project RED, clearly articulates the importance of principal leadership to the successful implementation of education technology. Transforming learning and personalizing the learning experience through technology is a 2nd order change, and the principal must facilitate this change. This can be very challenging and principals need to have the tools and support to be successful. OTO has found ongoing virtual mentorship to be an effective mode for the professional growth of principals, without being cost prohibitive. The mentoring sessions are ongoing (at least monthly) hour-long discussions facilitated by an OTO Leadership Consultant. A variety of technology tools are embedded in the sessions, as well as a content focus that may include, but is not limited to:

  • Envisioning the transformation
  • Characteristics of an instructional leader
  • Empower staff and students
  • Being the change you want to see
  • Modeling the use of technology for administrative efficiency

To discuss your specific needs, contact the One-to-One Institute today.
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