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The Project RED Design™

Ideally, every technology implementation begins with the intent to transform education, spark innovation, and increase productivity. But research shows that most fall short of these goals. They lack strategic vision and planning, make device choices unrelated to student-focused goals, or take short-cuts that skip critical steps. Now, Project RED has created a series of tools and solutions to enable every education technology implementation to reach its full potential.

The Project RED Design™ is a research-based, step-by-step guide for technology implementation with guaranteed success.  Yes, guaranteed. The Project RED Design is the framework for a shared vision that has, at its core, a focused and strategic action plan for each member of a district’s leadership team to produce measurable results.

From a Readiness Tool to a Cost Savings Calculator and much, much more, here you’ll find all of the tools and resources you need to launch your successful journey. We suggest you begin with the RED Design Model Project Plan, which offers a step-by-step project plan to follow for optimal results.  Happy exploring!