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What's the future of iPads in schools?

The iPad used to hold an exciting spot in education administrators’ minds. One-to-one programs that paired all teachers and students with an iPad gained traction. One educational technology expert called them the “cool, sexy device” that everyone wanted.

But in the past year, it seems that tide has turned. Scandals and budgetary concerns have beset iPad rollouts, most famously in Los Angeles, and school administrators have begun to think more carefully about how exactly to implement ed tech initiatives and what technology works best for them.

When the Los Angeles Unified School District first announced its $1.3 billion deal with Apple to provide an iPad to every public school student, it seemed too good to be true. Very quickly, it became clear that it was. There were reports of students having the devices stolen on the street, technical glitches, and unlocked devices that let students freely roam the internet.

And then it took a turn for the scandalous. Now it looks like the bidding process for the contract may very well have been unfair, prompting an FBI probe.

Leslie Wilson, CEO of the One to One Institute and a former Michigan school administrator, said she knows of several districts that saw what happened in L.A. and decided to take a different path.

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