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Greetings from our CEO

Sarah Hanawald PhotoGreetings and welcome to the One to One Institute's website! I'm delighted to welcome you to our site and I am sure that you'll find resources here that will help you regardless of where you are in the One to One journey. Over the last thirteen years, One to One Institute has emerged as a voice, beacon, and expert for school leaders who seek to provide equity and opportunity for all learners. 

Since I joined OTO, I've had the opportunity to speak with many members of our community, whether members, participants in one of the phases of the Project RED research, or colleagues in nonprofits and technology partners. I'm overwhelmed by the warm welcome I've received.

One thing I've heard loud and clear is "what's next?" The challenge to this question is that we must keep an eye focused on the future without forgetting our present purpose, access to digital resources via personal device for every learner. 

The need for schools to go one to one (or 1:1) has never been more urgent. Organizations such as the Education Superhighway have led the charge to surmounted barriers to ensure that every  public school classroom is connected to the Internet with broadband. Others, such as Digital Promise, have made great progress in raising awareness that the future of learning will look vastly different than the schoolrooms of our past. Leslie Boney, Director of the Institute for Emerging Issues at North Carolina State University, spoke recently at an event focused on the future of work. He said "life long learning is the new normal" when explaining that K-12 education cannot provide a skill set that will suffice for a lifetime. We are preparing students for an era in which ubiquitious access to digital resources will be necessary to participate fully in society. 

Back in 1999, when I led my first 1:1 initiative in Greensboro, I told our board "this is the last chance we'll have to say that we're preparing students for the 21st Century. After this year, they'll be living in it, prepared or not."

Now that we're deep in the 21st Century and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it's time to take stock. How are our schools preparing learners for this era of continuous learning and relearning? We know that education today is the least digital it will ever be. If we're following the research, we also know that the outcomes of digitial initatives on student achievement are mixed. How will we ensure that each student has access to the best of the promise of digital learning?

One way to ensure positive outcomes is to understand from the beginning that going 1:1 is a community matter. The high-quality programs studied in the years of Project RED research did not just hand out devices at the door. Instead, teachers, parents, administrators, students and community members carefully and thoughtfully built visions for their programs that were specific to the needs of their communities. By implementing 1:1 with fidelity to their visions, thousands of students graduated prepared for the challenges of life and careers in rapidly changing times. 

Enjoy your visit to our site! Reach out if we can answer questions or provide additional information or guidance. 


Sarah Hanawald


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