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Project RED Forum Rules No topics

Welcome to the Project RED forums where educational topics can be found and discussed. Please keep topics relevant and use common courtesy while using our forums.

Suggested Forum Rules

1. Only one account per person is permitted.

2. When registering, a valid email address has to be used. Disposable email addresses are not permitted. If found, we will remove the account in question.

3. Keep all posts on-topic.

4. All posts must be in English, unless posted in a specific international forum. If posting in a international forum, please use the language of that forum, and not English.

5. Do not pretend to be/represent somebody else. Your account will be deleted if found to be in breach of this rule.

6. Do not discuss illegal activities. Our server is hosted in the USA and so is subject to US law. Please do not expose us to any unnecessary legal liability.

7. Check that your question has not been answered anywhere else on the site. Use the search feature.

8. Post your comment/question to the most appropriate place. Any posts deemed to be in the wrong forum will be moved. Do not cross-post the same question to multiple places.

9. Make sure you have read the parent article/post completely before posting a reply

10. Use your own words. If you wish to use the words of somebody else, quote them, citing the source. Plagiarism is unethical and is illegal in many countries.

11. Choose an appropriate subject line. Do not use a URL as a thread title.

12. No useless posts. This includes:, Flamewars, Trolling and Spamming.

13. Do not link to any site that contains adult content, sexually oriented material or might otherwise be considered offensive. Any post containing an inappropriate link will be deleted and the poster will receive a warning.

14. Any signature or avatar that is offensive or insulting to either us, our members, or our staff, are prohibited.

15. We reserve the right to ask you to change and/or remove your signature or avatar at any time, for any reason.

16. Keep all commentary civil, and be courteous at all times. Constructive criticism is welcome, but insults directed towards other users or the site admins will not be tolerated. Coarse/insulting language will not be tolerated.

17. No commercial advertising is permitted.

18. When recommending an extension or other product to help a user solve an issue, you must disclose any affiliations you may have with the company or group that authors that particular product. This includes, but is not limited to: any paid or non-paid relationships past or present, receiving any promotional products or services, or any other similar information.

19. Any posts deemed to be self promotion, advertising, or spam can and will be removed. NO SPAM - NO ADVERTISING eg. Posting and making excessive, inappropriate and unnecessary references to your products and websites is self promotion.
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