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Native, But Not Adept

Will students be prepared for life in the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

The results from the 2018 International Computer and Information Literacy Study (ICILS) were recently released and the findings are both unsurprising and dismaying. In short, students may be using technology often, but most of their usage is passive and focused on consumption, and they are not building the skills they need for a technology-rich future.

The ICILS focuses on two areas: computational thinking and students' digital information literacy (their capacity to use computers effectively to gather and share data and information). In both areas, few students achieved scores that would indicate readiness to participate in the era known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a time of "fundamental change in the way we live, work and relate to one another...enabled by extraordinary technology advances... [that] are merging the physical, digital and biological worlds in ways that create both huge promise and potential peril. (World Economic Forum). 

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1:1 Readiness Assessment

Are You Ready for 1:1?

Is your school or district ready to answer the call for digital equity? Not sure? One to One Institute, co-author of the groundbreaking Project RED research on effective 1:1 programs can help with our free 1:1 Readiness Assessment Tool (get your copy). Our research on high quality 1:1 programs investigated every aspect of 1:1. We found that readiness is the most critical factor in an initiative's success. A year spent planning in the right areas means teaching and learning advance while students and teachers thrive. When key factors are not addressed, the implementation will fail, even when combined with the best of intentions and hard work on the part of administrators, teachers, and technology leaders. 

We’ve turned our research into an interactive rubric that schools and districts can use to assess their readiness by addressing each of the key areas involved:

  • Leadership
  • Finances
  • Technology & Learning
  • Infrastructure

Once the rubric is completed, a score for each area and an overall score are calculated.

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One-to-One: A Call for A Computer for Every Student


Our CEO, Sarah Hanawald, wrote the article below that was published in Education and Career News.

We are at the beginning of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” a time of relentless change with rapid fusion of physical and digital technology across industries. Present-day students will have to be nimble digital learners throughout their careers. Currently, some schools provide all students with computers, Chromebooks, or tablets, while others have only classroom sets, or worse, ancient, largely unused computer labs. How do we get from this state of digital inequity to one where all students have access to the technology resources they need to build the skills essential to their futures?

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One to One Institute Announces New CEO

Sarah Hanawald

One to One Institute Welcomes New CEO Sarah Hanawald

February 14, 2019 (Bloomfield, MI) – One to One Institute (OTO) Board of Directors and staff welcomed their new CEO, Sarah Hanawald to the organization. Sarah succeeds founding CEO, Leslie Wilson, who has led the organization since its incorporation in 2006.

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Nevada Recommits Funding for State 1-to-1 Program

Nevada plans to push forward with their state-funded 1-to-1 computing program after receiving positive results from an independent review study of the program's impact.

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