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Becoming a Digital Citizen

"I was very impressed with the Immersion Training for the teachers and the OTO Digital Coach did a phenomenal job with our staff. The teachers came in feeling very overwhelmed about the new 1:1 program but by the end of the training, they were much more at ease. This training was essential to getting our 1:1 off on the right foot."

Sarah Wood
Technology and Media Integration Specialist
Godfrey-Lee Public Schools

“I just wanted to say thanks for giving me direction with the Principals/Leadership team. I created a walk-through form to collect data, and the principals now have iPads to use to collect that data.”

Tracy Watanabe
Technology Integration Specialist
Apache Junction Unified School District  

“I am glad to see the evaluation shows signs of transformation. That is exactly what we wanted. That transformation has to be attributed to your team’s presentation of their knowledge and experience. Thank you again for your patience, flexibility and professionalism.”

Mary Lange
Ed Tech Resource Teacher
San Diego Unified School District



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    May 7, 2014

    Reno, NV

  • Services

    • The One-to-One Institute Approach

      One-to-One Institute’s mission is to provide support services for developing successful and sustainable 1:1 computing programs.

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    • Leadership for 21st Century Schools

      If you plan to implement a one-to-one learning program, there is no need to start from scratch.  Take advantage of OTO’s experience with hundreds of successful one-to-one programs and our knowledge of the Key Implementation Factors that we determined from Project RED’s research.

      OTO offers schools and districts a One-to-One Implementation Protocol designed to guide the planning and implementation process, as well as the development of leadership and instructional practices that will lead to a successful and sustainable one-to-one learning program.

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    • Teacher Professional Learning

      One-to-one learning provides students and teachers with their own personal portable technology devices connected wirelessly to the Internet.  These devices enable teachers to provide highly personalized and targeted learning experiences.  Students use their devices for everything from research and inquiry-based projects to collaboration, presentations, content creation, and assessments.  All learning resources and activities are at their fingertips - anywhere, anytime.  With one-to-one learning, students not only master core subjects but gain skills vital to success in the 21st century workplace.

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    • Innovative Financial Solutions

      One of the greatest challenges when implementing a 1:1 computing program is finding the funds to sustain the program over the long-term. We know from our experience with hundreds of 1:1 program implementions that these programs are not sustainable unless the district allocates ongoing operating funds to the project.

      OTO can help you find these funds. We provide expert analysis of current district expenditures and make recommendation that can lead to cost savings and the ability to redeploy assets to fund your program.

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    • Common Core

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    The mission of One-to-One Institute is to transform education by personalizing learning through universal access to technology.


    • The U.S. and U.K. Joining Forces for Edtech Good

      A joint effort between the former Minister of Education for England, Lord James Knight, the e-Learning Foundation from the U.K. and the 1:1 Institute from…

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    • The road ahead for 1:1

      Leslie Wilson knows firsthand what it takes to make 1:1 initiatives successful in schools. She’s CEO of the One-to-One Institute (OTO), a national nonprofit organization…

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    • Five Smart Ways to Deploy Tablets

      Two and a half years ago, the Roslyn (NY) Public School district was one of the first districts in the nation to launch a “one-to-one”…

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    • Unfazed, Houston Pushes Ahead on 1-to-1 Computing

      Undeterred by high-profile problems experienced by other large school systems attempting to put digital devices in the hands of their students, the Houston Independent School…

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    • iPads in the classroom: Not a bust, but not yet a boon

      LOS ANGELES—“D” is the letter of the day in Maria Martinez’s kindergarten class at Maywood Elementary. On a recent weekday, Martinez drew a capital and…

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    • Dade delays tech rollout as other districts struggle

      Tens of thousands of high school freshman and seventh graders were slated to get brand new, high tech hardware this fall as the Miami-Dade school…

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    One-to-One Institute is an international non-profit committed to igniting 21st century education through the implementation of one-to-one technology in K-12 education environments.